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Portable LED Dance Floor

Step into the future of event entertainment with our Illuma Square Portable LED Dance Floors.


Designed to captivate and mesmerize, these floors are the thinnest, safest, and most vibrant in the market. From thunderous clubs to intimate weddings, our customizable, sound-responsive lighting adapts to every setting. Each panel assembles in just two minutes, offering unparalleled ease and flexibility.


Embrace the blend of technology and elegance to transform any space into a dynamic dance haven. Enquire now to bring this innovative experience to your next event!

Price Starting From: $3,900

Multiple Styles & Sizes Available!

Financing Available

Experience the glamour and innovation of Illuma Square Portable LED Dance Floors, a showstopper at any event. As the thinnest, safest, and most versatile LED dance floor in America, our product sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Our floors boast millions of customizable color combinations, responding dynamically to sound, creating an immersive dancing experience.


But don’t just take our word for it. Our dance floors have graced the screens of hit TV shows like “Bar Rescue”, “NCIS New Orleans”, and “The Price is Right”. They’ve shone in the spotlight of an InTuit commercial and sparkled under the stars of the feature film, “Office Christmas Party”, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. This star-studded resume speaks to the allure and quality of our product.


Ideal for any venue, from high-energy clubs to elegant weddings, our LED dance floors are easy to install, taking only two minutes per panel. They’re not just stunning; they’re also practical, with low power consumption, no heat emission, and beveled edges for safety.


Elevate your event with the same dazzling floors that have captivated audiences on screen and off. Inquire today to bring the enchantment of Illuma Square LED Flooring Systems to your next event.

Illuma Square PRO

Illuma Square PRO

The PRO System (formerly known as RGB LED DANCE FLOOR) is DMX controlled to create millions of colors including white. Make fun special effects and it even responds to sound. Each floor panel weighs 63 lbs. and is made with half-inch thick white acrylic.

Illuma Square PRO STAR LITE

The PRO STAR LITE System (formerly known as RGB WITH STARS DANCE FLOOR) is the same as the PRO-LED system with an added white star-field. The stars are controlled separately by a wireless hand-held remote control. The stars can also respond to sound.

Illuma Square Compact

Illuma Square COMPACT

The COMPACT System (formerly known as simply ILLUMA SQUARE) is designed for home use and smaller budgets. This system uses smaller squares and thinner acrylic with the same dramatic LED lighting as the Pro series but does not respond to sound and has no DMX capabilities. 14’x14′ or 49 panels is the largest size available for the Economy System.