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the most popular LED floors in america.

The safest, thinnest LED floors, offering low power consumption with beveled edging to make the floors 100% trip proof.
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Illuma Square LED Flooring Systems can be seen on the hit TV shows, “Bar Rescue”, “NCIS New Orleans”, “The Price is Right”, an InTuit commercial and the feature film, “Office Christmas Party” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

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The PRO System (formerly known as RGB LED DANCE FLOOR) is DMX controlled to create millions of colors including white. Make fun special effects and it even responds to sound. Each floor panel weighs 63 lbs. and is made with half-inch thick white acrylic.

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The PRO STAR LITE System (formerly known as RGB WITH STARS DANCE FLOOR) is the same as the PRO-LED system with an added white star-field. The stars are controlled separately by a wireless hand-held remote control. The stars can also respond to sound.

The COMPACT System (formerly known as simply ILLUMA SQUARE) is designed for home use and smaller budgets. This system uses smaller squares and thinner acrylic with the same dramatic LED lighting as the Pro series but does not respond to sound and has no DMX capabilities. 14’x14′ or 49 panels is the largest size available for the Economy System.

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Because we are the manufacturer, we can custom design a floor system to fit your unique requirements. Almost any size, shape or even round. What if you have a pole or post in the center of your floor? No problem. We can work around it. 

Some setups may require additional parts or adapters such as a T shaped system to accommodate the inside corners of the floor’s outer trim. Extra floor panels or additional parts and pieces are always available.  

Dollies and custom-built road cases designed specifically for ILLUMA SQUARE are available from other manufactures.

Each DMX controlled Illuma Square Pro and Pro Star Lite floor panel is 4×4 feet (121.92cm x 121.92cm) and allows you to set up a system any size or shape. Illuma Square Economy panels are 2×2 feet (60.96cm x 60.96cm). Set up a square floor, rectangle or a runway. With optional adaptors the system may be T, L or even C shaped.

It takes only two minutes per panel to assemble. Each Pro and Pro Star Light panel weighs 63 pounds. The Economy panels weigh 13 pounds each. The panels are made with a 100% acrylic surface. They have low power consumption and no heat. LED’s are rated for 100,000 hours. Super safe with beveled edging makes the floor trip proof. Special features: 100% trip-proof edging!
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Doug Heim you ROCK, thank you for this awesome dance floor not only did it make the party, the stars and changing colors was a HIT. I’m honestly thinking of opening a part time business renting these LED floors.

Carlos Somarriba
Manaqua, Nicaraqua
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“Personally, I didn’t think our DJ quite matched the energy of the floor”.


-Denise Knott
Mother of the Bride

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“Can’t say thank you enough for being willing to come all the way down to make our event such a success. The dance floor was an absolute hit and our students loved it.
Thanks again!”

-Sandy Hughes
Campus Activities/Bedsole Hall,
University of Mobile
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